Thursday, February 17, 2011

An Amusement (XXVIII)

There are times when one comes across a horror which is hard to describe, something that even Freddy Krueger of A Nightmare on Elm Street fame would view as being too much to inflict on an unsuspecting world. Just when I thought I couldn't find another reason not to vote for the Celtic Tories Fine Gael, they unleash this atrocity on County Wexford. In the cartoon series Futurama, the mad Professor Farnsworth has a device that measured the coolness of things in MegaFonzies; it goes without saying that the following putrid item has a negative score so great that the coolest, funkiest, most happening track imaginable would, if placed next to it, transform almost immediately into James Last's dullest album. Enjoy! (Acknowledgement to Maman Poulet for this; see here).

As a test, I'm going to put the following song (which is, apparently, what "the kids" are listening to) next to the above and see if, after a while, it doesn't transform into Dana's 'All Kinds of Everything'...

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