Monday, January 31, 2011

Wexford Sights (XXVIII)

It was bitterly cold this morning; although the chill was not nearly as fierce as last month, it was still enough to leave a thin coating of ice on the inside of our kitchen window. The above pictured scene was what I could see through the same window. Around this time last year, on January 11th, 2010, a young mother of two froze to death in a flat in Ballymun in Dublin because the council turned her heating off (see here and here). Whoever made that decision should at the very least face charges of criminal negligence causing death (or whatever the proper legal term is). Welcome to NAMAland: where the rich spend their winter in the sun after their gambling debts are paid off by the State, while the poor freeze to death in their homes and it takes a year before the media even notices. 

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