Friday, November 26, 2010

Wexford Sights (XXII)

I'm far too depressed to write anything lengthy, but with the aim of keeping this blog at least partly alive, I might as well post something for November. The top picture is of a redshank, captured using the furthest possible zoom on my camera; the bottom is of a dead dog washed up on Tinaberna Strand a few weeks back. Here's a song:


Sean Jeating said...

Sometimes, my friend, I wish I were a magician ...

[For quite a while my fingers hesitated to type the following, D.E., but then hope won that my words will be taken as they are meant.]

Given that most of us, readers and commenters, do just feel helpless, not knowing what to write, how to react, here's the plain question:
Do you cry for help, D.E.?
And if so: How could not anyone, but perhaps some or one (of us) help?

Please take care of and be kind to yourself.
The peace of the night.

Your photographs are - as almost always - both good and impressive.

A Doubtful Egg said...

My depression (which I do not mean in a clinical sense) is caused by current events, but I hope to assuage it by going to the protest march in Dublin tomorrow. Like all of us, I am worried both for my immediate future and the future of this country (and continent, and planet), but, on the other hand, I went for a walk in the forest near me this morning and was, as always, stunned by the glory of simple nature. It is a long way from bouts of depression to despair, and I'm nowhere near that stage yet, thankfully! Your concern is most appreciated - there is still warmth in this ever-colder world - but as long as I have my copies of Singing In The Rain and The Wizard of Oz (amongst others) finding reasons to be cheerful is not a problem! I'm glad you like the pictures.

Sean Jeating said...

Ha, D.E.! Imagine me being at your side, tomorrow, or ... carrying me on your back. :)

See the details within complexity?

Within the complexity my first thought with you. :)

Good luck.

... to not (further) confuse other readers/(potential) commenters herewith I do shut up.
Time to write what is overdue, i.e. an e-mail, hm? :)

Claude said...

You're good! Lucky to catch that bird so precariously standing. The poor mutt...Wonder what happened. Great photos.

Truly like the music group. Fascinating, repetitive tune. Couldn't catch the lyrics.

Echoing Sean: Take care, friend. Be kind to yourself.

A Doubtful Egg said...

I know, Claudia, the poor dog ... In these harsh times people need to come first, of course, but this doesn't mean cruelty or abuse of animals can be ignored!