Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wexford Sights (XXV)

Rather than opening a new post every time I take a photo of something covered in snow, I'm putting them all into one post, which I'll update as I go along. From the top:

Ice hanging from a holly branch that looks startlingly like a short-bladed knife;
the shadow of icicles; 
reeds in the snow; 
two sparrows on a fence post; 
a slightly out-of-focus blackbird with a bite to eat; 
icicles hanging from the gables of my house;
the local crossroads this morning (as I was walking to the local shop to get supplies);
bird prints in the ice;
winter trees;
three pictures of the hound indulging himself;
two crows consider the snow from their vantage point on a wire;
three night pictures from around my house (the silence of a nocturnal snow-covered landscape is quite breathtaking);
the field behind my house;
two pictures of bird footprints.

My apologies for the wobbly focus in some, but my camera seems to have a problem focusing in bad light.
Here's a curiosity: if there's one thing you probably don't associate with winter and snow, it's surfing. The following song from 1964, by the Trade Winds, is about how difficult it is to be the only "surfer boy" in New York in winter, and uses surfing as a metaphor for being uprooted and moved from your old life (or something...). There'll be no surfin' there; and no one even cares!

Another appropriate song:

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Wexford Sights (XXIII)

Really heavy snow last night meant that I couldn't travel to Dublin, as the roads were dangerous, for the protest being held against the Government's despicable strategy of crucifying the poor to pay the gambling debts of the rich. It's estimated that at least 50,000 people were there: that's The Irish Times figure; an ICTU official on Facebook reckons it could have been as high as 120,000. It's possible that conservative, establishment sources (such as The IT and RTE) would deliberately underestimate the figure, just as it's possible that ICTU would overestimate it! I wonder how many were would have turned up if not for the weather. So I wandered around with my camera and took a few pictures instead (although my partner will be quick to point out that she took the one of the droplet on the branch). Hopefully the weather'll clear up for the next protest!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Wexford Sights (XXII)

I'm far too depressed to write anything lengthy, but with the aim of keeping this blog at least partly alive, I might as well post something for November. The top picture is of a redshank, captured using the furthest possible zoom on my camera; the bottom is of a dead dog washed up on Tinaberna Strand a few weeks back. Here's a song: