Saturday, July 17, 2010

I Haven't Felt This Way Since "Funky Town"! (XII)

A change from stained glass this time! Above are pictures of what I believe is a ringed plover, taken on the beach in Ballinoulart. It was difficult to get any photos of them at all; partly because of the way they dart about unpredictably, but also because of a certain hairy creature who thinks it's the best fun in the world to chase them up and down the beach (the bottom photo was initially a nicely composed shot of a bird, but then...). Anyway, on to the music.
It's hard to imagine a performer whose music means more to me than Miles Davis; certainly, his music from 1945 to 1975 is full of moments that are so profoundly beautiful and powerful that they leave a clumsy writer such as myself speechless. To put it simply: an album such as In A Silent Way makes life worth living when few other things do, and there's not a whole lot of music that you can say that about. The following is a pretty fierce and vital set from 1970's Isle of Wight Festival (the music starts at about the 3.55 mark if you want to skip the introduction). Enjoy!


stancarey said...

I love Miles too, more than I want to even try putting into words. Sometimes I go through phases of listening to him over and over. What he does to the spaces between sounds makes him seem like a classical composer.

The bird is indeed a ringed plover. They're very common in Galway too, around the shores of the Claddagh and Salthill. Paul Sterry's Complete Irish Wildlife says it "feeds in a distinctive manner, usually running along beach as if powered by clockwork and then standing still for few seconds before picking food item from sand."

Your hairy-creature photo reminded me of this.

A Doubtful Egg said...

That link is very amusing! And the description of the plover is spot on. They're hilarious to watch. And they play with the dog; when I had him on the lead (after he'd been chasing the same two birds for nearly 20 minutes) they trotted along in front of us for about ten minutes, as if teasing the hound because he couldn't get at them (not that he could catch them anyway...) As for Miles: no more needs to be said. The music says it all...