Thursday, June 17, 2010

Wexford Sights (XIV)

Just a series of photographs taken within the last month or so. From the top:
Myself at Ballinoulart (my surly expression can be explained by the fact that I was suffering rather badly from hayfever);
the windmills at Ballinoulart;
two geese at the Slob bird sanctuary, in south County Wexford (aren't geese the most hilarious birds around?);
a close-up shot of the tip of a budding fern;
a field of rapeseed just south of Gorey.
I'm currently reading an odd and very long book called The Death Of My Brother Abel by a guy called Gregor Von Rezzori, about a guy in a hotel room rambling on about why it's hard to write the book he's writing about his life, Europe, and other sundry matter; it's either a masterpiece, or self-indulgent waffle of the highest order (I haven't quite decided yet). The last film I watched was David Cronenberg's messy and unpleasant debut Shivers, and the last piece of music I listened to was Lili Boulanger's Clairières dans le ciel (picked up, as are most of my current purchases, in a charity shop for two euro). I don't normally like classical songs, or leider, but these are very beautiful. Here's a sample (which is not the same as the issue I have, as the vocals are performed by a contralto rather than soprano as scored).