Friday, May 7, 2010

Wexford Sights (XIII)

Yes, yes, I know: more bloody photography instead of anything more substantial! In the interests of giving more bang for the buck (so to speak), I could write:
When I arrived at Tinaberna Strand this afternoon to walk the hound, I found that some pustulent scumbucket had dumped a load of rubbish in the car-parking area (pictured below). I've always thought that a good way to deter this behaviour would be to force those who indulge in such despoiling activities, if caught, to eat all the rubbish that they dumped. It could be a TV series: Eating That Rubbish, presented by Marty Whelan! ("And here in the RTE studios we have the O'Nobody family from Waterford, who dumped several bags of household waste at Tramore! Let's see how many of the tin cans and soiled diapers this family of four can consume before they have to be hospitalised! The rubbish has been compacted, sterilized, and treated to avoid any fatalities, but it still tastes bloody awful! For every kilo consumed we'll donate 10 euro to charity!" And so forth...) I understand that people may have difficulties paying bin charges, but why can't they dump their trash in front of the council's offices in protest? You know, do something positive about it rather than wrecking beautiful stretches of countryside? But if you don't approve of the horrible cruelty of the above concept, here's another way of encouraging people to save stuff rather than dumping it (I have no idea who these people are, but I particularly love the rubber-glove bagpipes):


jams o donnell said...

I love dandelion clocks, me.

As for rubbish, well what can you say? Some people don't give a damn

Claudia said...

The close-up dandelion is beautiful.

The chorus of quack-quack was inviting. I nearly joined!

I was horrified by what the people dumped on the Toronto streets during the garbage strike last year. There was a place where to bring it, but so many didn't want to bother. It didn't settle the strike any sooner. And we all suffered.

A Doubtful Egg said...

Glad you both approve of the pics and disapprove of the litterbugs!

Sean Jeating said...

Oh, litter and I.
This is certainly a part of Omnium.Thanks for reminding me, D.E..
To cut it short: I am the fourth in the league. It's one of those topics, still not being taken serious (enough).

Stan said...

The dandelion seeds in the second photo remind me of sea anemones.

I love your idea about what to do with people who dump rubbish on beaches, etc. No humiliation and degradation could be too severe for them. Sometimes on my shore walks I fill a bag or two with dumped glass alone.

The video is great fun. I bet he likes the Vegetable Orchestra!

A Doubtful Egg said...

I hope nobody clicked on any of the links on that weird Chinese (or Japanese; I'm not sure which) comment that was here before I deleted it. I seem to get these spam comments, all in Oriental characters and with a series of dots following (all of which are links to God knows what, as I've never clicked on them) fairly regularly, and studiously reject them, as I thought I'd done with this one. I must have accidentally published it, though! I have now permanently deleted it.

Sean and Stan: Thanks for the comments. I remember hearing a guy on the radio who had no bin service at all. He ate all the food he cooked, composted all the off-cuts from vegetables, like the seeds in the centre of peppers and so forth, and recycled all the packaging. He was vegetarian, so he wasn't handing any meat products like chicken bones, which are harder to dispose of. The radio presenter seemed absolutely stunned that someone had no bin service at all!

Sean Jeating said...

Not sure if both we think of the same man (and his family).
Actually, I have a lovely story to share. Hopefully, I shall find not only the leisure but the words to share it.
Re our Asian friend(s): their superiority when it comes to spamming will soon get severely attacked. Prepare yourself for the Arabian speaking loonies.