Friday, April 23, 2010

An Amusement (XXII)

Like, I would imagine, a lot of people, I'm familiar with the animated character Betty Boop without actually seeing any of the cartoons in which she appeared. They're very much of their time (some shockingly so; 1935's 'Making Stars' is a reminder of early Hollywood's racist stereotyping), but what surprised me is just how strange and imaginative they are (the very surreal 'Bimbo's Initiation' is like a Disney version of Jan Svankmajer's 'The Flat' (the first half of which I've also included)). I'm off to watch some more, but I'll leave you these three to enjoy (they're each about seven minutes' long.) 'Ha! Ha! Ha!' dates from 1934, 'Betty Boop MD' from 1932, and 'Bimbo's Initiation' (Bimbo's a male character, by the way) from 1931.


jams o donnell said...

I've only watched the first one and I never expected it to be such a surreal experience!

A Doubtful Egg said...

If you think that's strange, wait until you see 'Bimbo's Initiation'!