Wednesday, July 15, 2009

An Amusement (XVII)

It's raining again, which is as good a reason as any to post the above picture, taken last year in the Alcazar in Seville on a blazingly warm day (in October!). It's on days like today, staring out at the rain-soaked dreariness of an Irish town, that I get the overwhelming desire to be in Andalucia, munching of tapas, being astounded by some of the most dementedly overdone Baroque churches in the world, marvelling at the beauties of (what's left of) Moorish treasures, and surreptitiously ogling Spanish women when my partner's not looking (I know, it's naughty!). It's just that at the moment I can't think of one single goddamn reason that isn't negative (i.e. my mortgage) as to why I should stay in this gombeen-ridden, crooked, callous, miserable backwater of a country. Oh, here's a reason: 

I'm not sure if he'd be a happy hound away from the beaches and muddy lanes of the South East! And just for closing, here's a photo of a rude vegetable, and something amusing:


Sean Jeating said...

Gosh, D.E., I was obviously too late when taking photos of our courgettes / zucchini.
As for the wish of leaving Ireland and other naughty thoughts: (Not only) last night when lightnings lightened the firmament and long rolling thunders let (somehow) tremble the house, I'd have similar thoughts.
Well, it's good - really? - to have / to trust on our Ruthkos.
The peace of the night.

A Doubtful Egg said...

Thanks Sean. That courgette subsequently grew enormously, and has been joined by several others (some of whom have already been eaten, and they were very tasty indeed!).
Part of the above post was, as usual, inspired by my despondency about what's going on in Ireland today, and my deep-seated feeling that nothing is going to change. There'll be lots of talk, lots of indignation, lots of protesting and whatnot (against the government that was voted back into power by the same people in 2007, in 2002, and in 1997, even after they already bankrupted the country in the early eighties when led by a man who can only be described as a criminal) but in the end of the day the status quo will prevail...