Friday, May 22, 2009

An Amusement (XVI)

A while back I posted a YouTube video of a song I particularly like (here), but when I recently went to listen again, I discovered that YouTube had removed it. Which is fair enough. But while searching for other songs by the same artist, I came across the following video from their record company, which I think is quite interesting simply for the fact that they went to the trouble of putting it on YouTube in the first place (and accompanied it with a banging tune!), and that it has provoked a certain amount of ire from fans. Here's the company's video, followed by a fan's video, followed by the song which Foul Play sampled (illegally, as far as I know) in the video I posted originally. (Due to Blogger's format, you can't read the last word of each sentence in the first video. Heavens to Murgatroyd! If you just click on the video, it will open it in YouTube, thus removing the problem. My apologies!)


god-free morals said...

You like D'n'B?

Extra Kudos!

As Drum 'n' Bass is mostly underground it makes sense that the movement of music is mostly illegal and that subsiquent attempt to control this is mostly futile. Still youtube has to try I suppose. Try a torrent site...

If you're anything like my age (30) then this will seem familiar:

A Doubtful Egg said...

I haven't bought a D'n'B record in ages, but I have a fair amount of stuff from the mid-nineties that I still throw on every now and again. At its best it was extraordinarily inventive, exciting music. Kenny Ken's A History of Hardcore and A Guy Called Gerald's Black Secret Technology are the ones I'd reach for most often. But there are lots of others (including Goldie) who still impress... (Dillinja's 'The Angels Fell' might be my favourite D'n'B tune ever!)