Friday, January 16, 2009

Worth Seeking (VI)

A musical update: When I wrote a review of Dialing In's Cows in Lye (here) I was unaware that she had a MySpace page, which can be found here, with some of the tracks I discuss available for your listening pleasure.
This week's musical pleasure comes courtesy of Norwegian composer/performer/vocalist/noise musician Maja S. K. Ratkje, whose website can be found here. Her recent album, River Mouth Echoes, gives a good overview of her composed work (and is not quite as extreme as the performance below). The video can be divided into two sections: a vocal improvisation (?) followed by some serious noise (the noise starts at around 5:16 if the vocals are not to your taste; they are to mine!). (And, once again, my apologies for simply posting a video rather than anything more substantial.)


Claudia said...

Vocals??? Am I missing something?
I don't hear one clear word...The rest is organized noise. Or improvised? Certainly not "mass produced pablum"....I actually saw a music copy on one of the websites. It's all a bit of a challenge for me.

Too bad the interview with the artist, on YouTube, is not translated.

A Doubtful Egg said...

Sorry, using the word "vocals" was a bit misleading on my part: I meant vocal in the sense of "sounds issuing from the mouth" as opposed to actual words. Some of it does sound like fragments of song, but then it spins off (disintegrates?) into shrieks, whispers, yelps, and so forth. (A wag on YouTube compared it to Gollum from Lord of the Rings...) What I like about Ratkje is that she seems to be one of a new breed of composers whose work stretches from hardcore noise like this to beautiful and (relatively) accessible chamber music, without compromising the quality of either. Where the laptop and the viola de gamba meet, so to speak. There shouldn't be any barriers in music!