Tuesday, December 23, 2008

An Amusement (VI)

This picture, of a gigantic wave breaking against the rocks at Hook Head, was taken last Sunday on a very blustery and misty walk in that most beautiful of places. You might notice, to the left of centre, a small cowering brown shape: that is our dog, who ran into the shot just before I took it. I yelled at him, as I was quite nervous that a wave would take him or he'd slip near the edge and fall into the sea; under these conditions rescuing him would have been extremely dangerous. He's about the size of a Labrador, which might give you an idea of just how large the wave is. When it struck, he bolted in panic and didn't stop running until he was back up on the grass verge about thirty feet behind us. The poor hound! It makes for a nice photo, though (I apologise because it's so small but I don't know how to insert it in such a way as to allow viewers to enlarge it).

I probably won't be blogging a whole lot over the next two weeks, due to the holidays, but if you've just arrived to this site please feel free to root around in the archives, and if you find anything you approve (or disapprove) of, please leave a comment. And best wishes to all! To sign off, here's something entirely unrelated to Christmas...


Claudia said...

I could enlarge the first photo. Good pic! In the same situation, I probably would have run away faster than the dog.

Small video: good for a chuckle.
Slippery and wet in Toronto presently. Lots of rain following a huge snowstorm.

Hope you're having decent weather for your holidays.

A Doubtful Egg said...

It's cold and dry here but no snow, which is a shame (not that the snow we get in Ireland is comparable to Toronto; here, if it covers the ground to the depth of a centimetre it's considered to be a blizzard!)
So I'm spending the next few days sitting in front of the fire eating, reading the Bridget Riley book my partner got me for Christmas, and looking forward to next week's trip in Cambridge. Ah, holidays!

A Doubtful Egg said...

And I hope the weather improves in Toronto!